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Nov. 2nd, 2013 @ 12:24 am You're still here??
What is this still doing here??? I figured I would've forgotten the password by now or this site would've disappeared by now, but here you are. Proof that sometimes nostalgia is wasted on the days we live.
I'm still living in the Pasadena, CA area and with a wonderful girl and constantly pondering what the hell I'm supposed to as I approach 30. And LA is great, but the foot is itching. So I'll leave you with some buttrock, because what I really meant to say is I'm sorry for the way I am...

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Mar. 5th, 2010 @ 03:57 pm Still going

That's life.
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Jul. 11th, 2009 @ 09:21 pm Is this thing on??
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Oh, life, how strange and lovely you are.

PS- I know I owe this much more of an update, seeing as one of the most tremendous years of my life has passed since I last wrote anything here. Soon, I promise.
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Jun. 1st, 2008 @ 09:47 pm (no subject)
My house is a damn mess. Cluttered to hell, which is amazing because I cleaned everything up like I was going to be showing the place about 2 weeks ago. I started my new (old) job back at Kragen, now working in El Monte. It's ghetto as hell, some lady was shot 7 times and killed about 50 feet in front of the store about a month ago. The store is a disaster and the crew is questionable. But that's why I got put there, because they know me and they know my record and they're confident in my ability to change the place.

It comes at a poor time. My quarter is ending and I have stuff I need to finish. Honestly, it's not that much. I've just had alot going on that I didn't anticipate. My life seems messy and sloppy. I'm in the belly of the San Gabriel Valley now, between where I work and live. I look up at the huge picture of San Francisco in my living room and drift back home, to cold marine nights and soft streets made of hard asphalt sloping up and down. How could, of all the places I've lived, a place I never lived feel like home?
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May. 3rd, 2008 @ 11:00 am Mad World
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Two Men Questioned About Two Separate El Monte Homicides

POSTED: 6:50 am PDT April 23, 2008
UPDATED: 6:56 am PDT April 23, 2008
EL MONTE, Calif. -- Two men were in custody Wednesday in connection with two separate homicides in El Monte, including a shooting in broad daylight that claimed the life of a woman who allegedly served as a police informant.

Elaine Garza, 41, of El Monte, was killed in the 12000 block of Valley Boulevard, between Mountain View Road and Durfee Avenue, around 2:25 p.m. Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reported.

Garza's mother, Eleanor Chavez, said her daughter was a police informant, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported.

"The whole family knew this was coming," Garza's mother told the newspaper. "She was into a lot of bad stuff."

Following the shooting, witnesses pointed El Monte police to a motel near the parking lot, saying the shooter had run into the facility, said Deputy Luis Castro of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

Officers went to the location and detained a man who had a handgun that fires bullets of the same caliber as the expended rounds found at the crime scene, Castro said.

The man, whose name was not immediately released, was brought to the El Monte Police Department as a person of interest in the shooting, he said.

"The man hasn't been officially charged," Deputy Denise Fuchs of SHB said this morning, adding that he was being questioned.

There were surveillance cameras in the parking lot that may contain video of the shooting, Castro said.

Garza recently told a friend that she felt threatened, the Tribune reported.

"I took her to Victory Outreach (church) and she just got blessed," the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the newspaper. "I have never seen her so scared."

Also in custody Wednesday was Adolfo Montelongo, 50, who was arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 42-year-old man at the Scenic Motel and Bar, the Tribune reported. Montelongo is being held at El Monte city jail in lieu of $1 million bail, according to the Sheriff's Department Web site.

Shortly after midnight Tuesday, El Monte police were summoned to the 10000 block of Garvey Avenue, near North Merced Avenue, where King Taco employees discovered the victim in the restaurant's parking lot. The victim was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Fuchs said. His name was withheld pending family notification.

During the investigation, police discovered a trail of the victim's blood between the Scenic Bar and King Taco's. The victim had apparently been arguing with a bouncer -- Montelongo -- just before the stabbing, the Tribune reported.

"We are still investigating what happened," El Monte police Detective. Tim Siedentopp told the newspaper. "It is a 'he said, she said' thing."

The two homicides -- one occurring about 14 hours after the other -- took place about a mile apart. Anyone with any information on either homicide was urged to call detectives at the Sheriff's Homicide Bureau at 323-890- 5500.

The scary part is in the coming weeks I'll start working at 12034 Valley Blvd. The woman in the article above was killed literally less than 200 feet away from the front door of the store. It's about 8 miles from my cute little house and safe Middle-America in Monrovia. It's strange, all of it.
Automatic weapons.
Boundless love.
Foothill freeway.
Mountain fires.
Los Angeles...
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Apr. 27th, 2008 @ 12:12 pm Strange happenings
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On Friday I got laid off from the job I had planned on sticking with for two years at least. I didn't see it coming. Neither did my store manager. Neither did my regional manager. It is what it is. I'll manage, I'm sure. But it does kinda suck.

Yesterday the mountain about 5 miles north of my house caught fire. It was supposed to be 100% contained by now and from what I understand it's not even close. It's raining ash, and from my driveway I can see a fire line running from the bottom of the hill all the way up the mountain.
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Apr. 15th, 2008 @ 10:47 am Frozen...

It's still moving to me, even 10 years after its release.
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Nov. 27th, 2007 @ 11:59 pm The American Dream is turning into a nightmare...
I realized something a couple nights ago. I like watching far away
headlights at night. They kind of twinkle and pulse and move towards you
slowly at first, and then blow by you at speed. They look like small
beacons for each lost angel on these freeways. In California we can
justify commutes of 60 miles each way, and we advertise cities such as
Victorville, Riverside, Castaic, and Temecula as "commutable" to LA. And
I guess I'm part of the problem and not the solution, seeing as I
commute 90 miles a day.

I've disappeared from many lives about a month ago, and slowly
reappeared starting about a week and a half ago. The school quarter
winds down rapidly and I've been stretched thin. The weather here has
finally cooled off. The thick smog has thinned, and when the winds kick
up (assuming nothing's on fire) the ridges around us we didn't know were
there are stunning. The freeways are jammed, "to biblical proportions"
as one radio announcer put it. I spent the Thanksgiving holiday alone
after I worked briefly that day and sat in traffic with the rest of the
lost angels. Me and the cat hung out and ate meatloaf. It was quiet and
nice, but strange. It was the first Thanksgiving I ever spent alone...
is this independence?

I also think Black Friday is a scam. I think its sensationalized by the
media, to drive business and force all of us who don't partake into
feeling left-out and unAmerican. The whole thing is played out, so much
hassle for objects that are so insignificant sometimes.

And the quarter is almost over. And I think I survived, with ok grades.
The LSAT is this Saturday... my first attempt that I hope will go well.
Wish me luck.
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Oct. 21st, 2007 @ 10:46 pm When Malibu fires and radio towers conspire to dance again...
What a strange past couple of months its been. School and work go on and sort of drift by to my side, as many other things in my life seem to. I drift in and out of deep thought through varied soundtracks and across interstate freeways.

And somehow the skyline of LA has it's imaged burned in my mind, as viewed from the hills north of Highland Park, from the highway just east of the 210/134 split. I look at that skyline when I come home from work, over Kellogg Ridge on the 57 and the whole time I'm on the 210 West, like it's a beautiful girl I'm pleading with to fall in love with me. And she answers with scorching sun, gentle rain, and today she answered with wind.

Sometimes it's all very normal but it all seems so surreal. The Sunrise blazing to the East this morning was the closest thing to "watching" a sunrise I can remember doing in a long time. I was driving east on the 210, watching it as the road wound. It would disappear behind hills to the north and reappear, and flashing through the ramps of the 605 south and finally coming up high enough that I could see it consistently by the time I reached the 57 South. Somewhere in there I felt myself change.

My grandmother on my mom's side passed away sometime Saturday morning. Her health had been declining pretty steadily for the past year (at least) with the most recent lull in that decline occurring sometime around 2-3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, she was back in the hospital and rapidly declining about a week and a half ago. I'll spare you the details. I wasn't really close to this Grandmother, but that doesn't seem to dull it as much as I thought it would. Now I'm just faced with the guilt of never having gotten to know her while she was still here. I'm flying to the Bay Area sometime Tuesday evening to attend the Buddhist equivalent to a funeral.

Everything feels chaotic and I feel like we are all insignificant in this massive and smothering world of steel and glass traveling at 75MPH in the 65MPH zones. I feel insignificant like the rest and naked at the brink of it all. And I gaze into Los Angeles begging her to smother me in her hot streets and anonymity. Being insignificant doesn't bother me, but being bare and alone on the edge does. Peace is to be found somewhere in the bedlam of the LA freeways, I feel it almost everyday. It comes from Los Angeles reaching out to touch me, or 106.7 KROQ playing the perfect song at the perfect moment, or the sun's position in the sky, or 80 MPH with the lights blazing by. I feel like a voyeur when I take pictures of cars on freeways at night, like I am capturing an image of what may be the most significant and emotional moment these people might be having with the City of Angels... and I quietly walk back to my car with these images, mourning the fact that these people didn't even realize that they are the substance that courses through the veins of this place. From the chaos and crime of Riverside to the valet parking in Burbank, I am scattered all over Los Angeles.
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Aug. 31st, 2007 @ 08:55 am (no subject)
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Lately I feel like I'm outside watching everything. Watching everybody's world change.
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