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Nov. 27th, 2007 @ 11:59 pm The American Dream is turning into a nightmare...
I realized something a couple nights ago. I like watching far away
headlights at night. They kind of twinkle and pulse and move towards you
slowly at first, and then blow by you at speed. They look like small
beacons for each lost angel on these freeways. In California we can
justify commutes of 60 miles each way, and we advertise cities such as
Victorville, Riverside, Castaic, and Temecula as "commutable" to LA. And
I guess I'm part of the problem and not the solution, seeing as I
commute 90 miles a day.

I've disappeared from many lives about a month ago, and slowly
reappeared starting about a week and a half ago. The school quarter
winds down rapidly and I've been stretched thin. The weather here has
finally cooled off. The thick smog has thinned, and when the winds kick
up (assuming nothing's on fire) the ridges around us we didn't know were
there are stunning. The freeways are jammed, "to biblical proportions"
as one radio announcer put it. I spent the Thanksgiving holiday alone
after I worked briefly that day and sat in traffic with the rest of the
lost angels. Me and the cat hung out and ate meatloaf. It was quiet and
nice, but strange. It was the first Thanksgiving I ever spent alone...
is this independence?

I also think Black Friday is a scam. I think its sensationalized by the
media, to drive business and force all of us who don't partake into
feeling left-out and unAmerican. The whole thing is played out, so much
hassle for objects that are so insignificant sometimes.

And the quarter is almost over. And I think I survived, with ok grades.
The LSAT is this Saturday... my first attempt that I hope will go well.
Wish me luck.
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good luck!
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